How to Recondition Your Core After Baby

By Mums Fitness Founder, Timo Topp

Avoid Postnatal Problems

If you don’t restore the core, or if it’s done incorrectly, you can leave yourself open to all sorts of post pregnancy problems such as:

By Mums Fitness Founder, Timo Topp You and your baby need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to be healthy and prevent developmental problems and health issues. Eating a balanced diet of whole foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish will provide you with what you need. This article looks at key nutrients that you and your baby need and what specific foods you need to eat to obtain them.

By Mums Fitness Founder, Timo Topp During pregnancy there are significant changes to the physiology of your body that extend beyond a growing belly. This article explores many of those changes so you can understand what is happening to your body and why you feel the way you do throughout your pregnancy.

By Mums Fitness Founder, Timo Topp

Exercise during pregnancy is not just important, it is essential. It helps mums stay healthy and energised during the pregnancy. It is important for an optimal birth with less likelihood of problems and even helps with a healthier baby. Plus it helps with a healthy recovery and less postnatal issues. This article addresses some of the common prenatal exercise myths.

By Mums Fitness Founder, Timo Topp

During your pregnancy you may be susceptible to some common pregnancy complaints such as morning sickness, fluid retention and constipation. This article looks at healthy, nutritional and natural ways to manage these ailments to assist you with a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy.